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2017 Canada Summer Games Leave Financial Legacy in Manitoba

2017 Canada Summer Games Leave Financial Legacy in Manitoba

Friday, 25th May 2018

This morning, on the courts of the Canada Games Sport for Life Centre, the 2017 Canada Summer Games Host Society and Co-Hosts announced the details of the 2017 Games’ financial legacy.

Through a combination of strong fiscal management, excellent planning, and amazing government, corporate, and community support, the 2017 Canada Summer Games generated a surplus of $2.6M that will leave a substantial lasting legacy as the 2017 Canada Summer Games Fund.

“After four years of planning for the 2017 Canada Summer Games, we are overjoyed to contribute a significant financial legacy to Manitoba’s sport community. Programming, financial support, and capacity building within provincial sport partners will benefit young athletes, teams, coaches, and leaders while promoting physical activity and healthy lifestyles for years to come,” said Mariette Mulaire, Co-Chair of the 2017 Canada Summer Games Host Society Board. The Fund was established to build capacity and support grassroots and high-performance athletes in Manitoba, as well as their coaches, training, and equipment needs. The Fund supports the transfer of knowledge of the social legacies of the 2017 Games for continued capacity building of volunteers, officials, and leaders who are crucial to Canada’s pursuit of sports excellence as a nation.

“We are stronger for having hosted the 2017 Games and are extremely proud to play a part in the enhancement of sport and community programming across Manitoba. The outstanding support from our funding parties, the corporate sector, our volunteers and staff, and the community as a whole, during The Hottest Summer in Half a Century, has paved the way for a prosperous future in sport,” added Hubert Mesman, Co-Chair of the 2017 Canada Summer Games Host Society Board.

The key focus areas of the fund include:
● Community access programs identified by Sport Manitoba or partners through Sport
Manitoba, which may include such programs as but are not limited to:
○ KidSport
○ Indigenous programming
○ Canada Games Sport for Life Centre programming for core area,
underdeveloped populations and development

● Sport Manitoba’s high performance programs which may include such programs but are
not limited to:
○ High Performance Pathway Development Grants
○ High Performance Pathway Coaching Assistance Grants
○ Grants to Canada Games sports for testing and training

● Capacity building within provincial sport partners and can include but are not limited to
programs such as:
○ Coaching leadership and development
○ Partner capacity and development
○ Official and volunteer development
○ Transfer of knowledge
○ Future amateur event acquisition

● Annual recognition of the contributions of the 2017 Games volunteers via an award
presented by Sport Manitoba.
The Host Society and Canada Games Council engaged the services of Sport Manitoba through
a management agreement to oversee the Fund on the basis consistent with the 2017 Games’
Legacy Plan. Specific management of the Fund will be handled by an independent third party
engaged by Sport Manitoba.

Economic Activity
Also released today was the economic impact of the 2017 Canada Summer Games, as recorded in the Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance’s STEAM 2.0 reports. The reports confirmed combined spending of out-of-town participants, family members, spectators, delegates, and other people who visited Winnipeg for the 2017 Canada Summer Games, in combination with the expenditures made by the Host Society, totaled $54.4 million, supporting $77.9 million in economic activity in Manitoba, including $71.9 million of economic activity in Winnipeg.

These expenditures supported $28.4 million in wages and salaries in the province through the support of 478 jobs, of which 415 jobs and $24.4 million in wages and salaries were supported in Winnipeg.

The total net economic activity (GDP) generated by the 2017 Canada Summer Games was:
● $49.4 million for Canada as a whole
● $43.0 million for Manitoba
● $36.0 million for Winnipeg

“We are incredibly pleased with the overall success of the 2017 Canada Summer Games,” said Jeff Hnatiuk, President and CEO of the 2017 Canada Summer Games. “From the record-breaking athletic performances and sellout crowds, to the cultural celebrations that were the Ceremonies and the Festival, and the support of 6,000 passionate volunteers, we came together as a community like never before, and delivered one of the best Canada Games in 50 years.”

Additional Quotes

Government of Canada

“We are always proud of the impact that support from the Government of Canada brings to host communities. As a result of the 2017 Canada Summer Games Legacy Fund, new and upgraded infrastructure—like the Canada Games Sport for Life Centre—and sport equipment legacies will continue to help future generations of athletes and bring long-term benefits for sport and recreation in Manitoba. Our government is committed to supporting the development of

Canadian athletes, coaches, officials, sport infrastructure and quality sport programming, and the Canada Games are a great vehicle through which to do so.”
—The Honourable Kirsty Duncan, Minister of Science and Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities.

Province of Manitoba

“We were so thrilled to host the 2017 Canada Summer Games – it truly was the hottest summer in half a century! I want to take this opportunity to once again congratulate the organizers, all of the wonderful volunteers, and of course, our dedicated athletes, who made Manitoba so proud by bringing home a record number of medals. This event not only created a lot of great memories for Manitobans, but has left a lasting legacy of venues and facilities where our athletes can train and practice for future games.”

- The Honourable Cathy Cox, Minister of Sport, Culture and Heritage
“Hosting the 2017 Canada Summer Games was a wonderful experience for Winnipeg which put the eyes of the nation on us and left us with a tremendous amount of pride. New and refurbished sports facilities, the donation of sporting equipment, motivated volunteers, skilled translators and the $2.6 M Canada Summer Games Fund will leave a lasting legacy for our community. We are very grateful for the opportunity to host and show why Winnipeg is one of the top destination spots in the country.” - Mayor Brian Bowman, City of Winnipeg

Canada Games Council
"The magical moments that took place during last summer's 2017 Canada Summer Games in Winnipeg will be remembered forever. Winnipeggers and Manitobans were incredible supporters of the Games and of Canada's athletes. The legacy of these Games in facilities, passionate volunteers, community connections and in sport development will be felt for a generation." - President and CEO, David Patterson

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