Strategic Plan



Canadians celebrate the Canada Games. The Canada Games inspire youth to participate and excel in sport, unify our country and strengthen our communities.


  • Collaboration

    • We work together and we respect each other.

  • Integrity

    • We are uncompromising in our ethical behavior and in our commitment to being honest with ourselves and with others.

  • Inclusion

    • All are welcome to take part in the Canada Games.

  • Responsibility

    • We are responsible stewards of the legacy of the Canada Games and of the resources we are entrusted with by partners and governments, leaving communities with a positive legacy after every Games.

Our Foundations

The Canada Games were founded in 1967 as a vehicle to promote sport for youth as well as national unity. That remains true to this day. Since then, our government partners have worked to refine expectations of the Canada Games and of Canada Games Council. Those refinements include the Clear Lake Agreement (1997) and the Government Measurable Objectives (2014). Our direction from these documents includes:

  • Be Athlete Centred

  • Provide Equal Access

  • Develop Sport and Athletes Across Canada

  • Grow the Profile of the Canada Games

  • Grow Private Sector Funding of the Canada Games

  • Grow Public Interest in Sport

  • Develop Transfer of Knowledge Programs

  • Target the Next Generation of High Performance Athletes

This plan builds upon those expectations and deliverables on a goal to be the most effective public policy tool in Canada.

More recently, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) has provided specific feedback about the role of sport and Reconciliation.  These five Calls to Action (87-91) influence and shape our work so that Canada Games can consciously work to foster reconciliation.

Our Winning Aspiration

Working with and connecting partners in Canadian sport, we will:

  • Catalyze - Inspire Others to Do Great Things 

    • The Canada Games will inspire athletes to commit to sport, coaches to be certified, volunteers to become trained and communities to transform themselves to welcome the nation.

  • Lead – Act With Excellence 

    • Our actions will be intentional and we will deliver with excellence - at a standard Canadians deserve for their Games.

  • Develop – Provide Others with Tools to Achieve Greatness 

    • We will help develop athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers, communities and ourselves. Every interaction with the Canada Games is a chance to get better.

Where we Play

  • Games Delivery

    • The Canada Games Council will focus its time, energy and resources on the delivery of the Canada Games in concert with government partners, NSOs and Host Societies.

  • Youth Focus

    • The Canada Games will focus on catalyzing the development of athletes, who are striving for sport performance.

  • Positive Legacy

    • We will leave a positive legacy in host communities, including environmental, community, economic, social and sport elements.

  • Canadian Cities

    • Small, medium and large Canadian cities will be welcome to strive to host the Canada Games.

How We Will Win

  • Deliver Outstanding Games

    • We will have athletes see the Canada Games as a vital milestone and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

  • Emphasize Development

    • We will emphasize development and seek development opportunities for all our stakeholders and in all of our projects.

  • Innovate

    • We will be innovative, including being more responsive to a changing Canada.

  • Live Digitally

    • Our capabilities in digital will work from back of house outward and will deliver high value at low cost.

Our Capabilities

  • Transfer of Knowledge

    • A world leading Transfer of Knowledge system will ensure that Host Societies have a framework and ongoing guidance that provides them with a platform for success.

  • Storytelling

    • Storytelling and engagement with Canadians will be a 12 month a year priority.

  • Activation

    • Canada Games Council will have top-flite knowledge and insight into activating partnerships with corporate, sport, and government partners.

Strategic Priority Goals

  1. Transfer of Knowledge

    • Build out skills and talent at CGC that leads to a more complete TOK system for the benefit of future Hosts, reduces Host workloads, and significantly reduces the need to hire outside consultants.

    • Partner with research institutions to develop a deeper knowledge of the Canada Games and the Canada Games experience, in order to build a stronger TOK system for all stakeholders at future editions of the Games.

  2. Athlete Experience

    • Enhance the athlete experience such that over 90% of athletes score a 4 or higher out of 5 on their overall Games experience.

  3. Revenue Generation

    • Grow sponsorship value from $3.1M in 2017 to over $5M per Games by the 2023 Canada Games.

  4. Partner Activation

    • 100% of national partners activate partnership by the 2023 Canada Games.

  5. Development Opportunities

    • Provide CGC staff with professional development opportunities; and focus on development of athletes, coaches, volunteers and Hosts.

  6. Canada Games Model

    • Undertake to work with stakeholders to review the CG model and cycle to seek opportunities to:

      • improve sport selection system in order to be more nimble in including emerging sports;

      • achieve the goal of CG becoming a critical part of every sport's pathway to high performance.

      • improve opportunities for interested cities to host.

  7. Help Canadians Celebrate the Canada Games

    • Raise visibility and awareness of the Canada Games across Canada every year. 

      • Achieve this through a focus on:  

        • Becoming no less than the #4 amateur sport digital presence in Canada.

        • Attracting 5 million viewers to broadcast/webcast by 2021 Canada Games.

        • Incorporating storytelling into all communication plans at the community and national levels.


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