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Held once every two years, alternating between winter and summer, the Canada Games are the largest multi-sport event for up and coming amateur Canadian athletes. Each Games features two weeks of competition, between 16 - 19 sports, approximately 3,400 summer and 2,350 winter athletes, and over 4,000 volunteers. Hosted in every province at least once since their inception in Quebec City in 1967, the Games are proud of their contribution to Canada’s sport development system in addition to their lasting legacy of sport facilities, community pride and national unity.
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As the Games move from one host community to the next, the Council provides the continuity, leadership and support to Host Societies in key areas such as sport technical, organizational planning, ceremonies and protocol, marketing and sponsorship. In addition, the Canada Games Council ensures effective long-term partnerships with national sport organizations, governments and the corporate sector. The Canada Games Council is a well-established, national organization that fosters on-going partnerships with organizations at the municipal, provincial and national levels.


We exist to strengthen the fabric of Canada, through the power of sport. We do this by celebrating and inspiring the best of the next, whether that be athlete, community, coach, or volunteer.
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