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Team Ontario has won more Canada Games medals than any other jurisdiction since the inaugural Canada Games in 1967, with a total medal haul of 3,232 (1,886 medals at Canada Summer Games and 1,346 medals at Canada Winter Games).

Ontario’s most successful Games were the 2013 Canada Games in Sherbrooke, QC, where they won 213 medals (a record for most medals won at a Summer Games), and the 1991 Canada Winter Games in Charlottetown, PE, where they won 123 medals.

Ontario has won the Canada Games Flag (awarded to the Province/Territory who accumulates the most Flag Points during a Canada Games) a record 23 times (out of 27 Games).

Additionally, Ontario has been awarded the Claude Hardy award (an award that recognizes the talent and dedication of a Provincial/Territorial Mission team) twice, in 2005 and 2007.

Ontario’s participants can be seen at the Games in red and white uniforms.

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