Our new brand

As an organisation dedicated to elevating Canada’s up and coming athletes, we wanted to create a brand that was equally elevated and future-focused. Our new identity captures the energy, passion and boundless potential of sport - with a distinctly Canadian spirit.

Based on our new brand strategy, our identity is built around our goal of sparking greatness. It represents the transformative power of sport, the passion that burns in the hearts of athletes and fans, and our focus on inspiring greatness in the next generation of athletes, communities, leaders and Canadians as a whole.

Like any athletic endeavor, our brand is a true team effort. We worked closely with athletes and partners across the country to make sure that our identity reflects the overarching direction of the Games, while also giving host communities the freedom to make it their own. We’re incredibly proud to share this bold vision of the Games, and we look forward to inspiring Canadians to achieve greatness for generations to come.

Our look and feel

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Please email brand@CanadaGames.ca for approval of all uses of the Canada Games brand.

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