Lethbridge 1975

Legacy story

Communities Coming Together to Host the Canada Games

In 1975, Alberta welcomed Canada to Lethbridge for the fifth  iteration of the Canada Games. Over the course of 13 days, the Winter Games welcomed athletes, coaches and managers to compete at the highest level in a variety of winter sports. While the Games were headquartered in Lethbridge, they included 12 other communities in southern Alberta.

While officials were concerned with what appeared to be a logistical nightmare on paper, those concerns disappeared due to the warm enthusiasm of more than 4,000 volunteers.

At the conclusion of the Games, a new winner had been awarded the Canada Games Flag, as Team Quebec took home the award with British Columbia and Ontario close behind. Team Nova Scotia was awarded the Centennial Cup after improving their performance by 36% from the previous Winter Games.

The Games’ success was in large part due to more than 4,000 volunteers who stepped up and rallied together. The volunteerism on display left a lasting impact on the host communities as well as the Canada Games movement, and is a part of the legacy of the 1975 Games. The Games covered a 34,000 square kilometer area, with sporting facilities within this region receiving numerous improvements. Most notable was the sportsplex that was built in Lethbridge. This facility has given Albertan’s the opportunity to participate in sports that were played during the Games.

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Sports and Results at the 1975 Canada Games

13 days. 17 sports. 1 unforgettable event.

The 1975 Canada Winter Games in Lethbridge brought together 664 athletes to participate in 17 different sports.

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