canada games hall of honour

What is the Canada Games Hall of Honour?

The Hall of Honour recognizes exceptional Canada Games alumni who have sparked greatness by distinguishing themselves during the Games and beyond, while contributing to the growth of the Canada Games Movement. Following a nation-wide call for nominations, the inductees for the Hall of Honour are officially inducted into the Hall during a ceremony prior to the start of each Canada Games. The Hall of Honour was established at the 2007 Canada Winter Games in Whitehorse, Yukon.

Nominees are currently eligible for induction in one of three categories:


The athlete category recognizes past Canada Games athletes who have achieved significant success in national and/or international competition. Nominees should also have demonstrated support for the Canada Games through promotional events, community engagement or other meaningful activities. Nominees must be inactive.


The builder category recognizes past coaches, managers, officials, administrators, volunteers, mission staff, sponsors or members of the media who have made outstanding efforts and had an immeasurable impact for more than 10 years within the Canada Games Movement. Nominees may be active or inactive.

Distinguished Alumni:

The distinguished alumni category recognizes any individual who has participated in a previous Canada Games (as an athlete, coach, manager, or technical support personnel) and has since gone on to meaningful accomplishments in a field other than sport. Nominees exemplify the highest levels of ethical leadership in their profession and their community.

How does the nomination process work?

More information regarding the current Hall of Honour process, including the nomination form, can be found here.

To nominate an athlete, builder or distinguished alumni for the Hall of Honour, please complete the nomination form no later than February 20, 2024.

Who is currently inducted into the Canada Games Hall of Honour

Established in 2007, the Canada Games Hall of Honour counts some of the finest athletes in Canadian sport among its ranks, including Cassie Campbell (2009), Catriona Le May Doan (2011), Nicolas Gill (2015), Carla MacLeod (2017), and most recently Jennifer Heil, Cindy Klassen and Bruny Surin (2019). The complete list of inductees includes:

2007 Canada Games: Jack Pelech (Builder, Ontario)

2009 Canada Games: Bob Secord (Builder, Ontario), Roly McLenahan (Builder, New Brunswick), Bill Clarke (Builder, Saskatchewan), Don Johnson (Builder, Newfoundland and Labrador), John Wilbert (Builder, PEI), Dave “Eli” MacEachern (Athlete, PEI), Cassie Campbell (Athlete, Ontario)

2011 Canada Games: Catriona Le May Doan (Athlete, Saskatchewan), Colleen Jones (Athlete, Nova Scotia), Guy Rousseau (Builder, Quebec), Jim Morell (Builder, New Brunswick)

2013 Canada Games: Larry Smith (Builder, Quebec), Annie Pelletier (Athlete, Quebec), Pierre Harvey (Athlete, Quebec), Claude Hardy (Builder, Quebec), Peter Lesaux (Builder)

2015 Canada Games: Nicolas Gill (Athlete, Quebec), Joy Ward-Fera (Athlete, British Columbia), Abdul Shaikh (Builder, British Columbia), Sandrine Charron (Builder, Quebec)

2017 Canada Games: Carla MacLeod (Athlete, Alberta), Claire Carver-Dias (Athlete, Ontario), Ted Bigelow (Builder, Manitoba), Blair McIntosh (Builder, Ontario)

2019 Canada Games: Bruny Surin (Athlete, Quebec), Jenn Heil (Athlete, Alberta), Cindy Klassen (Athlete, Manitoba), Clare Drake (Builder, Alberta), Elizabeth Cannon (Distinguished Alumni, Alberta)

2022 Canada Games: Brian McKeever (Athlete, Alberta), Steve Nash (Athlete, British Columbia), Don Goodwin (Builder, Ontario), Tom Quinn (Builder, Quebec), Stacey Allaster (Distinguished Alum, Ontario) and Michael Strange (Distinguished Alum, Ontario)

2023 Canada Games: Marc Gagnon (Athlete, Quebec), Heather Moyse (Athlete, PEI), Sami Jo Small (Athlete, Manitoba), Vicky Keith (Builder, Ontario), Dr. Heather Morrison (Distinguished Alum, PEI)

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