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In a Place Like No Other, St. John’s Will Host a Canada Games Like No Other

St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador is a place shaped by those who have made a home here over millennia. It is a land of firsts — a story of diversity and discovery, steeped in unique cultures and surrounded by natural beauty. This is a place where connecting has changed the world. From August 8 - 25, the 2025 Canada Games invites Canadians to come and connect through friendship, sport, adventure and the experience that is Newfoundland and Labrador. In a place like no other, you can expect to find a Games like no other.

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Introducing the 2025 Canada Games Logo

Inspired by a focus group comprised of youth athletes from our province, the 2025 Canada Games logo looks to not only capture the vibrancy of St. John’s, but celebrate all that is unique about the city, the province and of course its people.

Using shapes and colours influenced by the provincial flag and elements central to Newfoundland and Labrador culture, the 2025 Canada Games logo features three unique sections. The red reflects the natural geology of NL’s jagged coastline and iconic landmarks; the blue captures the city’s famous architecture while the gold is an illustration of the shared flames of competition, good will, and passion long associated with the Canada Games. All with its clever use of “SJ”, showing that it is rooted in St. John’s, each section of the logo also represents the sporting podium.

If you wish to use the St. John’s 2025 Canada Games logo, or have any questions related to the brand or implementing these guidelines, please contact Chris Doyle.

Alive with Canadian spirit.

Be Prepared to be Inspired

Over 4,000 athletes, coaches and managers will compete for their provinces and territories representing the sports they have trained tirelessly for. We look forward to the privilege and responsibility of picking up the torch from other provinces that have so successfully executed past Canada Games. You will be inspired by the success of athletes as they rise to the podium. The Canada Games showcase the best of the best in sport and highlight the immense talents of our youth. The Games create a spirit of unity that spans each province and territory. People connect in ways that go beyond the field of play, forming bonds that are deeply rooted in friendship and a collective passion for amateur sport in Canada.

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Everything you need to know and more.

Looking for information on our eligibility restrictions, age categories and team sizes? Check out the links below for everything you need to know about the upcoming Games.

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Building a Team

Our team is ready to take on the next steps. Look for upcoming exciting news as the 2025 Host Society is formed. Volunteers and staff will be integral to the planning and delivery of a successful 2025 Canada Games. Our community’s strength is derived from people giving back to the place in which they live and work, and donating their time and knowledge to make our communities better every day. We see this spirit of generosity on a daily basis; hosting the 2025 Canada Summer Games provides another opportunity for our community to build on its legacy of giving.

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